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History of Everything: H42

Updated: Mar 16

The first assignment in History of Animation/Game Art/Time Based Media is an intro blog about you! Here is my sample:

My name is Aubrey Jewel Rodgers and I use her/hers pronouns. I am the program coordinator for Animation/Game Art at KVCC, and my specialties are visual storytelling and time based media. Picking a favorite anything is truly a trick question- it all depends on everything! I really just want to know what YOU want me to know about you. So here are my answers for those questions I have given you.

When it comes to games I like my games fun- FUN I tell you! I spend so much time reading up on software and problem solving, games are a way to unwind. So for me, Nintendo's Mario Cart and Animal Crossing. I'm looking forward to the new game on Nintendo Switch this March. Will you come check out my village then?

This is the golden age of small screen media- right? So much clever writing, fantastic visuals, and lovable and hate-able characters. Right now the series I would love to share with you is HBO's The Young Pope. Created by Paolo Sorrentino and aired in 2016. Oh. My. GOD. Literally. It is not what you think, and then after you watch it, it will have you thinking for days. Check out the opening sequence:

The movie I would like to tell you about is Empire in the Sun. A 1987 film made by Steven Spielberg. This movie honestly made me interested in storytelling more than anything when I was a kid. Starring a young actor we now all know and love, Christian Bale. We will talk about Spielberg when we hit the 80's in the class- so I'll come back to this then!

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