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Aubrey Jewel n.

Aubrey Meaning: Ruler of Elves

Jewel Meaning: a precious stone, typically a single crystal or piece of a hard lustrous or translucent mineral cut into shape with flat facets or smoothed and polished


Toon Boom          ZBrush              Maya

Photoshop           Illustrator          Premiere

After Effects         Audition            Word


I have been teaching at KVCC for 14 years now as an instructor, and currently your Chair of Applied Arts and Media Technologies.  I did my undergraduate studies at Columbus College of Art and Design, where I received a Bachelor's Degree in Time Based Media Design.  My specialties are Video, Animation, Illustration, and Photography. I also went to Boston University where I received my Masters in Art Education.

When I'm not teaching, I am a mom to my favorite little human, Stella and dog mom to the giant muppet of a dog named Watson. My husband and I have been nerd talking, game playing, movie going partners for over 7 years.  Feel free to play the "how long will Aubrey go without mentioning Star Wars" game per class.

Hello, my name is Aubrey. I enjoy sharing my creative curiosity with people of all ages and backgrounds. My art is playful, as well as mischievous when needed.


I am a multi-media artist teacher and mentor. My specialty is mixing art and technology together to tell visual stories.


Chair, Applied Arts and Media Technologies

Kalamazoo Valley Community College          2022-Present

Graphic Arts Instructor

Kalamazoo Valley Community College           2007-Present

History Day Mentorship                                

Aubrey Jewel Arts                                        2007-Present

Art and Tech Mentorship                             

Aubrey Jewel Arts                                        2008-Present

Chair, Art and New Media

Kalamazoo Valley Community College          2013-2017

AAMT Festival/Workshops

Kalamazoo Valley Museum                           2013-Present

Art Lessons

Aubrey Jewel Arts                                        2003-2017

Multimedia/Animation Instructor

KVCC, KAFI Academy, Summer Workshops   2008-2010


Photo Session                          

           1 hour

           16 Edited Photos                $400*

              *additional hours/travel  $50 an hour

Website Build                               $400*

Photoshop Modifications               $75 per image

Mentorship                                   $45 an hour

Freelance                                     $55 an hour

                            *additional variations available.


Columbus College of Art and Design

     Bachelors of Fine Arts,

               Time-Based Media                         2000

Boston University

     Masters of Arts,

               Arts Education                                2013


Community Arts Award in Art Education          2021

     Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo

Alumni Award Art Education                                      

     Columbus College of Art and Design           2018

Teacher Recognition of Presidential Scholar

     Nathan Ginter                                            2018

KADI Grant Recipient

     Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo              2017

KADI Grant Recipient

     Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo              2015

Community Leadership Award

     Kazoo School                                             2014

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